AVS Patent Pool

Single Pool

  • One-stop shop
  • IPR Policy upfront commitment

Article 24 IPR Policy

AVS License

  • AVS Products using or implementing AVS Standards

Definitions and Clause 2 AVS Sub-License Agreement

Pool License

  • Reasonable and non-discriminatory
  • Simple, practical licensing structure
  • Competitive license fee

Article 25 IPR Policy

Independent Evaluator

  • Private patent attorney
  • Second independent patent attorney in case of dispute

AVS License Royalty Fees - AVS Products

(AVS1/AVS+/AVS2 Patent Pools)
  • 1RMB
  • Annual cap
  • Fixed annual fee option

Clause 3 AVS Sub-License Agreement

Patent Pool Administration

Royalty-Free License in China

(AVS1/AVS+/AVS2 Patent Pools)
  • Internet Application Software Decoder
  • Content Delivery

License Outside China

  • All Pool Agreements negotiated by International Team of Attorneys
  • Ready for negotiation of fees in Other Territories