Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

AVS is a complete standards system including system, video, audio, digital rights management, point cloud technology, quality evaluation, and gene compression, etc., providing a comprehensive solution for the digital audio and video industry. Since the establishment of AVS in 2002, AVS industry has built a complete chain of five interlinked links: technology, patents, standards, products, and applications.


By joining AVS, you will enjoy the following Exclusive Membership Benefits:

      ♦  Participate in drafting AVS technical standards in related fields, and have the opportunity to incorporate its patents into AVS standards;

      ♦  Free access to member-exclusive standard spec., codes and other standards-related information;

      ♦  Updated with AVS standards in real time, and preempt the layout of the industry;

      ♦  Participate in AVS-related activities for free, including the quarterly  and interval AVS meetings, forums and etc;

      ♦  Get the opportunity to work with the world's elite in the field of computer communication;

      ♦  Release new achievements and seek cooperation opportunities on the AVS platform;

      ♦  Release on AVS platform company introduction, recruitment and internship position, or release job search information and etc.



Domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions in information technology and related fields can apply to join AVS.

Note: individual members can not be accepted currently.


Membership Type

Members are divided into "Official members" and "observer members". The two types of members enjoy the same membership rights and assume the same membership obligations from June 19, 2021.


Membership Dues       


1. The annual membership dues for members are RMB 16,000.


2. Membership dues will be charged on a calendar year basis and is valid from the date of applicant's written commitment to join the association. If an applicant joins the Workgroup before June 30 (inclusive) of the current year, annual membership dues shall be paid. If an applicant joins the Workgroup after July 1 (inclusive) of the current year, half-yearly membership dues will be paid. The membership dues are valid until December 31 of the current year. Members shall pay annual membership dues for the following year before the end of December in order to maintain the membership. If a member delays in the payment of membership dues, upon notification by the Workgroup, the member's membership rights will be temporarily suspended until the member pays the arrears.


3. Bank information for payment:
    Bank Name: Industrial and commercial bank of China, Beijing municipal branch Haidian Xiqu bank office
    Bank Add: No. 65, Beisihuan Xilu, Haidian district, Beijing 100080, P. R. China
    Swift Code: ICBKCNBJBJM
    Act. No.: 0200004509088123135
    Benificiary: Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Remarks:  Please indicate "AVS Membership Dues" on your remittance


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