Standardization Process

AVS National Standard Formulation Process

The AVS national standard formulation process generally includes nine stages:

1. Preliminary stage

The preliminary stage is the stage in which the project proposal for the standard plan is proposed. After the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Technical Committee) or the department receives the new work project proposal, put forward a new work project proposal after research and demonstration, and report it to the Standardization Administration of China (SAC).


2. Project approval stage

After receiving the proposal for a new project of national standards, the Standardization Administration of China will summarize, review, coordinate and confirm the submitted project proposals in a unified manner, and issue the "National Standards Formulation and Revision Plan Project".


3. Drafting stage

After receiving the new work project plan, the Technical Committee will implement the plan and organize the implementation of the project. The draft standard for comment will be completed by the Standard Drafting Workgroup.


4. Solicitation stage

The Standard Drafting Workgroup sends the Draft Standard for Comments to the relevant institutions for comments, collects and sorts out the feedback, puts forward the summary table for soliciting comments, and completes the standard for review.


5. Review stage

After receiving the standard draft completed by the Standard Drafting Workgroup, the Technical Committee will submit the standard draft for approval after joint review or letter review.


6. Approval stage

The standards submitted for approval will be reviewed by the relevant administrative departments and the standardization administrative department under the State Council. Those that do not meet the requirements for approval shall be returned to the relevant drafting institutions for improvement, and finally approved and released by the national standardization administrative department.


7. Publication stage

The national standards publishing organization edits and publishes standards and provides standard publications to the society.


8. Review stage

After the implementation of the national standard, the review shall be conducted in a timely manner as required, and the review period shall generally not exceed 5 years. After the review, the national standards that do not need to be modified shall be confirmed to remain valid; the national standards that need to be revised can be declared as revision projects and included in the national standard revision plan. The Technical Committee or department recommends the abolishment of a national standard without the need to exist.


9. Annulment stage

The national standard without the need to exist will be abolished by the Standardization Administration of China.