Technical Subgroups

Requirement Subgroup

Organizing domestic enterprises to analyze the current problems and putting forward the requirements for the function and performance of the standard.

System Subgroup

Proposing the system covering media content development and production, network operation, program provision (distribution), terminal / playback equipment and other links; formulating the system standards for broadband networks, digital broadcasting, radio and storage environments.

Quality Assessment Subgroup

Studying and standardizing the quality assessment methods of audio and video content, especially the objective assessment method simulating subjective.

Digital Royatlty Subgroup

By focusing on the core issues and key technologies of the new generation of digital rights management, putting forward and formulating the general basic standards for typical audio and video application scenarios.

Gene Compression Subgroup

Putting forward relevant technologies of gene sequencing data compression and formulating the standards.

IPR Subgroup

Analyzing and dealing with patent and intellectual property issues that may be involved in technical standards; maintaining and operating the "patent pool”.

Industry Liaison Subgroup(AVS Industrial Alliance)

Strengthening contact with all walks of life and promoting the application and industrialization of AVS.