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Release Date:2021-06-19 By:AVS
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  (Released on September 12, 2004 at 12th AVS meeting)

 ( Revised on June 19, 2021 at 77th AVS meeting)



Constitution of the Audio Video Coding Standard Working Group of China


To meet the requirements of the digital audio and video industry and related technology development, the Audio Video Coding Standard Working Group was established with the approval of the Science and Technology Department of the China Ministry of Information Industry (MII). This Constitution is thus framed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Administration Rules of Electronic Standards Working Groups Issued by the Ministry of Information Industry to ensure the performance of the Working Group.


I.  Task Scope


With the main purpose of meeting the requirements of the information industry throughout China, the Working Group takes the responsibility for the formulation of technical standards related to equipment for multimedia compression, decompression, processing and presentation and products like digital audio and video systems. The working results will be submitted for review and approval by the Science and Technology Department of MII to publish such standards as industrial standards, or be submitted by the Science and Technology Department of MII directly to the State Authority of National Standardization to be ratified as National Standards of China or be submitted to other standards authorities for publishing or normative reference.


II.  Members and the Working Group


The Working Group is constituted by its membership. Members are classified into two types: Official Members and Associate Members.


Any unit or organization that is registered in Mainland China and is an independent legal entity under Chinese law may apply to be Official Member at will, provided it agrees to abide by this Constitution. The initial Official Members need to be approved by the Science and Technology Department of MII. Any following applicant will become an Official Member or Associate Member after being reviewed and so accepted by the Working Group and its membership being reported to the Science and Technology Department of MII for record.


Any unit or organization that is not an independent legal entity registered in Mainland China may apply to be an Associate Member. An Associate Member shall bear the same obligations as an Official Member. An Associate Member enjoys all the rights Official Members have. Except for the provision contained in this paragraph, all the following provisions concerning Members are applicable to Associate Members.


All Members may attend the Members Meeting, which is the decision-making body of the Working Group. All Members have the equal right to express their opinions and to attend discussions at the meetings. Every Member possesses one vote. Any resolution of the Working Group must be adopted by no less than 2/3 votes of Official Members attending the meeting.


One President nominated and approved by the Science and Technology Department of MII will be in charge of the Working Group. The Working Group shall be attached to the unit or organization with which the President works.


One Secretary-General, appointed by the President, is responsible for the general management of the Working Group.


One or two Liaison(s), appointed by the Science and Technology Department of MII, will be responsible for the communication and coordination between the Working Group and the Science and Technology Department of MII.


The personnel designated by Members to participate in the formulation of standards constitute the Working Group Staff.


The Working Group may set up several special subject Subgroups when necessary. For each Subgroup, a Chair will be appointed from the Working Group Staff by the President, and may be removed by the President. The President, the Secretary-General, the Liaison(s) and the Chairs of Subgroups constitute the Management Council.


III.  Rights and Obligations of Members


1. To ensure funds for general operation of the formulation of the standards, Members shall pay an annual membership fee. The Working Group shall set up a special account in the name of its hosting unit/organization for the purpose of managing the fees paid in by Members. The funds in the special account shall be used for the sole purpose of covering the working expenses of the Working Group.


2. Each Member shall appoint at least one of its expert staff to participate in the formulation of the standards (i.e., to be one of the Working Group Staff). Written notice will be sent to any Member that does not appoint any Working Group Staff. The membership of the Member that does not reply to such a notice in writing within the period provided therein will be terminated. The membership fee for the current year will not be refunded.


3. The Working Group Staff to be appointed by Members shall be well disciplined, possess expertise or legal knowledge related to digital audio and video work, and have high level foreign language skill. He/She should also be responsible for the standard formulation work, and allocate enough time to get his/her assignment done in time.


4. Once a Working Group Staff is appointed by a Member, he/she shall remain comparatively stable.  Member shall endeavor not to substitute Working Group Staff actively involved in Working Group projects before his/her work is finished. If any substitution needs to be made, the Member concerned shall notify the Secretary-General of the Working Group in writing. In cases where any Working Group Staff cannot participate in the activities of the Working Group, he/she shall notify the Chair of the Subgroup he/she belongs to in advance. Otherwise he/she will be considered as being absent without due course. Any person of the Working Group Staff who does not participate in Working Group activities for three or more times, or is absent without due course for two consecutive times, shall be considered as having abandoned his/her Working Group Staff position automatically.


5. The Working Group Staff is obliged to keep in confidence relevant information and technology within the Working Group. Without approval, no person of the Working Group Staff shall release information about the formulation of standards, nor disclose contents of Working Group meetings, documents and other internal information, nor use such information for commercial promotion. Otherwise, the membership of the Member who appoints such a person shall be terminated. The Working Group reserves the right to make public condemnation against those Members or Working Group Staff who violate the above.


6. The intellectual property right of any proposal or technical information put forward by any Member or its Working Group Staff inside the Working Group (including information released at Working Group meetings, uploaded to Working Group network servers, or circulated on Working Group mailing lists) belongs to the contributor. The contributor reserves the right to apply for patents and/or to publish such information in public publications, etc. The Working Group reserves the right to make public condemnation against any act that infringes the rights of the contributor.





7.  Standard-related IPR issues

All Members or Working Staff shall agree to and abide by the Working Group’s IPR Policy with respect to their participation in the work and activities of the Working Group.

All Members agree to grant license to the implementers of the AVS Standards under its own patents related to the AVS Standards in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Working Group’s IPR Policy. To facilitate industry adoption of the AVS Standards, the Working Group will work toward establishment of an AVS Patent Pool.  

The Working Group will set up advisory Guidelines concerning administration of the AVS Patent Pool and patent licenses thereof in accordance with the following principles: (1) reasonable and non-discriminatory, (2) with a simple and practicable licensing structure, and (3) under a competitive license fee.


IV.  Work Procedure

1、 总体组负责提出标准体系规划、标准立项和标准终审稿的上报工作。

1. The Management Council is responsible for planning the overall structure of the standards, for making standardization proposals, and to submit the final drafts of the standards to related government authorities.

2、 总体组负责会员大会的安排工作,秘书处负责会员大会的组织工作。会员大会一般每个季度召开一次。

2. The Management Council is also responsible for arranging the Working Group meetings and the Secretary General is responsible for carrying out the administrative work. The Working Group meetings are usually held quarterly.

3、 各标准的起草、讨论、实验与验证等工作由所属专题的专题组组长负责。必要时专题组组长可另行组织专题组会议进行技术交流和研讨。

3. The drafting, discussion, testing and verification work of each Standard shall be the responsibility of the Chair of the Subgroup to which such Standard is related. The Chairs may arrange additional Subgroup meetings for technological exchange and seminars when necessary.

4、 标准编制过程中应广泛征求会员意见,形成共识。对不同意见在组内协商解决;重大问题交总体组研究,必要时向主管部门汇报。

4. During the course of the formulation of the standards, the opinions of all Members shall be collected and considered to achieve common understandings among the Members. Different opinions shall be settled through consultation inside the Working Group. Important issues shall be submitted to the Management Council and if necessary reported to the relevant authorities.

5、 为保证工作组技术工作的正常开展,工作组组长和专题组组长可根据需要,聘请有关专家参加讨论和会议,提出建议。

5. To ensure the technical work of the Working Group is going on smoothly, the President of the Working Group and the Chairs of Subgroups may, if necessary, retain relevant experts to participate in team discussions and meetings and give suggestions.

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