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Pay tribute to the classic-China Mobile Migu and AVS cooperate to promote AVS3 video and audio standards

Release Date:2022-12-03 17:31:59 By:AVS WG
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On November 14,2022, China mobile Migu company starting AVS3 mobile terminal scale commercial version Migu video, the version of the "salute classic finishing reappearance" zone, and "elite audio-visual" double Vivid live perspective (Audio Vivid & HDR Vivid), through the national independent AVS3, Audio Vivid codec standard for the user to present the World Cup hundred classic contest and the 2022 Qatar World Cup "finishing and elite" visual + auditory live feast.

China Mobile Migu and Peking University have spent years of continuous research on domestic coding and decoding standards and industrial applications; through the optimization of Migu video APP, 200 + mobile terminals have supported AVS3 on demand and live decoding, and were compiled and optimized for Android and IOS systems; CPU occupancy has decreased by more than 30% compared with HEVC soft decoding, achieving the stable commercial conditions. In terms of coding, the targeted coding optimization of the small screen football scene is made: at 1080p resolution, increase the complexity of movement and edge scenes, improve the detail reduction and the overall picture clarity; improve the picture quality, improve the picture quality VMAF score by about 10%, realizing the effective balance between coding efficiency and coding quality. At the same time, Migu Video APP also provides mobile users with more immersive audio-visual experience by optimizing the matrix operation and memory allocation, and the processing performance is improved by more than 70%. In the two-ear rendering stage, based on HRTF, the sound channels in volume, spectrum and distance are adjusted to restore the sense of presence and three-dimensional sound.

Migu video has adopted the live broadcast of AVS3 standard mobile terminal in the Beijing Winter Olympics event, and has upgraded the important application of the large-scale commercial use of AVS3 mobile terminal. In addition to the AVS3 video standard, this Migu video also fully supports the AVS3 audio standard- -AVS3-P3 / Audio Vivid test broadcast, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent use of comprehensive domestic standards.

The year 2022 marks the 20th year of the establishment of China's Independent Digital Audio and Video Codec Technical Standards (AVS) Working Group. After 20 years of development, AVS has driven China's audio and video to achieve the original innovation breakthrough of technology "from 0 to 1", the chain evolution of the industry from point to surface, the strong breakthrough from domestic to international application, and the leapfrog upgrade from following to leading the position.

At present, AVS standard has changed for three generations, forming 9 international IEEE standards, 13 national standards, 3 industry standards and 18 group standards, which is the core technology standards adopted by HD, 4K UHD and 8K UHD radio and TV channels; the core technology of AVS standard "uHD video polymorphic fundamental element decoding key technology" won the first prize of 2020 National Technology Invention Award.

The AVS3 codec standard adopted in this area is the world's first audio and video source coding standard for 8K and 5G industry applications. AVS3 has been applied in the 2021 China Media Group Spring Festival Gala, 100 cities " public screen project, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. In 2022, the application of AVS3 in the live broadcast of Migu Video in Beijing Winter Olympics is the first application of AVS3 standard in the mobile terminal live broadcast scene.

During the World Cup, the AVS3 standard is also applied to HD 1080P, uHD 4K and ultra HD 8K, respectively, in line with the current AVS 3 standard full coverage action plan mainly promoted by the A V S Industry Alliance. AVS Industry Alliance is also actively promoting international cooperation. In July 2022, AVS3 officially became one of the next-generation video codec standards in the DVB standard system, which means that AVS video standard, as an option of video encoding of international organizations, will be of great significance to supporting the future development of the global uHD audio and video industry.

AVS is forming a health industry chain with five links, namely, technology, patent, standards, products and application. The Migu "pay tribute to the classic eye color reappearance" area is a further expansion of the application of AVS3 standard, we believe that AVS3 + sports, AVS3 + mobile terminal, AVS3 + AI will create more possibilities in the future application.