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  • December 6
    AVS3 all-platform open source decoder "MERAK" was released. The decoder was developed by the team of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, code-named uavs3d, and supports up to 8K/60P real-time video decoding.
  • September 13
    At IBC2019 held in Amsterdam, HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd., AVS Industry Alliance, Arcvideo Tech, Guangdong Ultra HD Video Innovation Center and Peng Cheng Laboratory jointly released the first 8K end-to-end solution based on the AVS3 standard. HiSilicon also launched the world's first ultra-high-definition chip Hi3796CV300 based on the AVS3 standard that supports 8K resolution and 120P.
  • March 9
    The third-generation AVS video standard (AVS3) benchmark profile has been drafted and will be put into use in 2022. China's AVS3+5G+8K industry development will have a world-leading deployment.
  • March 7
    At the opening ceremony of the 68th meeting of the AVS Workgroup. Professor Sun Huifang, chairman of the "AVS Industrial Technology Innovation Award" review committee, announced the selection results at the meeting. A total of one "AVS Group Contribution Award 2018" and three "AVS Unit Contribution Awards 2018" were selected in this award. AVS3 closed project team won the AVS Group Contribution Award 2018. Sumavision Technologies Co. Ltd, Guangzhou Kuvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Samsung Communication Technology Research Co., Ltd. won the AVS Unit Contribution Awards 2018. Professor Sun Huifang and Academician Gao Wen, leader of the AVS Workgroup, presented the honorary certificates to the winners.
  • January 28
    The 48-day intensive and closed research and development of AVS3 standard was completed in Peng Cheng Laboratory. The first stage of AVS3 standard setting task was successfully completed, the technical scheme of AVS3 was determined, the complete standard text and conformance test text were drafted, and the reference software matching the standard text was developed and released.