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  • Dec. 11-13,
    At the 27th Meeting of AVS Workgroup, the Video Group completed two new grades on the basis of the current AVS video national standard: the enhanced (JQ) grade and the extended grade. The Audio Group completed AVS Part 10 – Mobile Speech and Audio (Draft for Comment). The second-generation AVS work was started, and the collection of Technical Requirements for Next-Generation AVS Coding Standard began.
  • Sept. 25-27
    The 26th Meeting of AVS Workgroup was held in Tianjin University. Tianjin University, as the host, organized the meeting and warmly welcomed 146 representatives from 57 members.
  • June 19-21
    The 25th Meeting of AVS Workgroup and the second meeting of MPEG-China was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd. organized the meeting as the host, and warmly received 120 representatives from 54 members. The meeting ended in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.
  • April 11
    The Electronic Technology Basic Management Office of the Ministry of Information Industry organized the AVS National Standard Draft Review and Approval Meeting for the Information technology - Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 1: System (GB/T 20090.1), Information Technology - Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 4: Conformance Testing, Information technology - Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 5: Reference Software and Information technology - Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 6: Digital Rights Management in Beijing. The Review and Approval Committee consisted of 9 experts. The experts of the Review and Approval Committee listened to the report on the preparation process, standard technical plan and patent analysis of the four parts of national standard draft, carefully reviewed the standards and preparation instructions (draft for review), and believed that the corresponding standards had been applied and verified in the industrialization, and the technology was advanced. It was unanimously agreed to pass the draft of the four parts of standard for review, and it was recommended to submit them for approval as soon as possible.
  • March 27-29
    The 24th Meeting of AVS Workgroup was held in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. The meeting announced the results of the AVS Awards 2007. Yu Jianghong won the AVS Proposal Award, Wu Zhongmou won the AVS Technology Award, and Zhang Li won the AVS Contribution Award. The meeting decided to set up a content task force, and announced the adjustment and appointment of some task force leaders and co-leaders. Taking this opportunity, Professor Gao Wen, the leader of AVS, encouraged AVS members to actively participate in the formulation and promotion of AVS.