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  • Dec. 26
    Key Supporting Technology for AVS Video Coding Standard won the Major Technology Invention Award of the Ministry of Information Industry 2007. The award aims to encourage technological innovation in China's information industry, strengthen intellectual property protection, improve industry competitiveness, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the information industry.
  • Dec. 19
    AVS won the first prize of the China Standard Innovation Contribution Award 2007. The award was jointly established by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the Standardization Administration of China, aiming to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of standardization workers, and guide and promote scientific and technological progress in the field of standardization.
  • Dec. 9
    The MPEG-CHINA 2007 meeting was held in Shanghai, which determined the MPEG-CHINA organization, activities, decision-making group, and the next-step work plan.
  • Dec. 4-8
    The 23rd AVS Meeting was held in Shanghai. A total of 92 proposals were received at the meeting, and 24 output documents were formed.
  • Dec. 2
    The Research and Formulation of AVS Standard won the China Information Construction Project Achievement Award 2007. The award was organized by the Computerworld Media Group to recognize the information construction projects of great significance to the country and society in 2007.
  • Oct. 12-17
    The 9th China High-tech Fair was held in Shenzhen. AVS Industry Alliance participated in the exhibition. Both Longjing and Spreadtrum showed their latest high-definition set-top boxes based on AVS high-definition decoding chips. Joint Sources and SVA demonstrated their AVS encoders, and the local AVS manufacturers attended the meeting.
  • Oct. 9
    China Netcom held AVS-IPTV Commercial Test Result On-site Meeting and Business Presentation Meeting in Dalian. The AVS-IPTV commercial test in Dalian has proved that AVS is at the same level as the international advanced technology; it has the conditions for large-scale commercial use on IPTV.
  • Sept. 12
    Hangzhou Terrestrial Television Broadcasting System was officially put into operation. The system is the first terrestrial operation network in China that adopts the national terrestrial standard and AVS source standard, and supports mobile reception and fixed reception of various types of terminals such as vehicle terminal, portable terminal and set-top box, which is another major application breakthrough of the AVS national standard after IPTV.
  • July 11-12
    The Fourth Cross-Strait Information Industry Technology Standards Forum was held in Taipei. The forum has set up a special topic of AVS to enhance the innovation capacity of the information industry of Taiwan and Mainland, and jointly improve the competitiveness by taking the cooperation of technical standards as the starting point and focusing on the application of AVS coding method in different fields.
  • June 12-16
    The 21st Meeting of AVS Workgroup was held in the ice city of Harbin. A total of 64 proposals were received at the meeting, and 22 output documents were formed. The meeting decided to fully participate in the MPEG task force; and to speed up the formulation of the AVS-S specification.
  • May 7-11
    The fourth meeting of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) IPTV FG was held in Slovenia. This meeting made it clear that the AVS video coding standard has become an international standard available for IPTV alongside MPEG-2, H.264 and VC-1.
  • March 18
    AVS WORLD 2007 – the 5th Anniversary Industry Achievement Exhibition of AVS and Digital Audio and Video Industry Investment and Financing Summit was held in Beijing Xiangshan Hotel. The summit reviewed the five-year development history of AVS, summarized the experience of AVS in the coordinated development of "technology, patents, standards, products, and applications", visited the industrialization and application achievements of AVS, seek the common development of AVS industrialization, looking forward to the future of the digital media industry, seek business opportunities and pragmatic development, told a new chapter of AVS and digital audio and video industry, and looked forward to a bright future in the era of digital media services!
  • March 13-17
    The 20th Meeting of AVS Workgroup was held at the Beijing Xiangshan Hotel. A total of 51 proposals were received at the meeting, and 18 output documents were formed. The meeting announced the results of the AVS Awards 2006. The AVS-IPTV Test Technology Team of the Ministry of Information Industry won the AVS Contribution Award 2006; Chen Dagang from Huawei and on behalf of the DRM group, won the AVS Technology Award 2006; Ding Yaqiang from Spreadtrum Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. won the AVS Proposal Award 2006.
  • Feb. 27
    The National Science and Technology Award Conference was held by the State Council. The project High Efficiency Digital Video Coding Technology and Its Application in International Standards and National Standards participated and led by Dr. Gao Wen, the leader of AVS Workgroup, won the second prize of the National Award for Technological Invention.
  • Jan. 9
    The AVS Workgroup and the Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing (IGRS) Standards Workgroup signed a Memorandum of Understanding to carry out a series of standard cooperation on the formulation of DRM standards, jointly promote international cooperation in the field of DRM, and promote the interoperability of domestic and international standards. From Dec. 7 to 9, 2006, the 19th meeting of the Audio Video Coding Standards Workgroup of China (hereinafter referred to as AVS) was successfully held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. The meeting announced that the final draft standard (FCD) of Part 1 of AVS (System), namely AVS-P1, and Part VI (Digital Rights Management and Protection), namely AVS-P6, has been completed; the Intellectual Property Group has basically completed the entire patent analysis report.