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  • December 31
    The 8K Ultra-high-definition Test Channel using AVS3 for Olympic Winter Games Documentary was officially launched by Beijing Radio & Television Station.
  • November 3
    The State Science and Technology Awarding Meeting 2020 was held in the Great Hall of the People. The "Key Technology of Ultra HD Video Polymorphic Primitive Encoding and Decoding" project led by Academician Gao Wen, leader of the AVS Workgroup, won the first prize of the National Technology Invention Awards 2020. The project broke through the traditional video coding and computing framework, formed a completely independent coding and decoding technology system, led the formulation of the ultra-high-definition video coding standard GB/T 33475.2-2016 of China and other AVS series standards, which was adopted as international common format by the Global UHD Alliance. It has the significant right of speech in the formulation of VVC/H.266 and other international standards, developed its own ultra-high-definition real-time encoder and decoding chips, and formed a complete industrial chain of "Technical Standards-Chip Terminal-System Application". It has supported the successful launch of CCTV-4K, China's first ultra HD channel, and provided live coverage for major events including the Military Parade Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the Spring Festival Gala of the China Media Group 2020, etc.
  • October 25
    The Olympic channel and digital platform of China Media Group were launched in Beijing. It is the only communication platform in Mainland China that has been authorized by the International Olympic Committee to use the Olympic name and the five-ring logo. The Olympic channel CCTV-16 is a 4K and HD simulcast channel, where 4K is AVS2, and HD is AVS+.
  • February 1
    China Media Group held the "8K Ultra HD TV Channel Broadcasting Test Launch Ceremony" in Beijing. As a key link of the event, the "8K Ultra HD TV Test Channel Launching Ceremony and Full-Link Live Experiment Opening Ceremony" was successfully held simultaneously in Shenzhen. At 12:00 noon, CCTV-8K, China’s first 8K TV ultra-high-definition channel, was successfully broadcast experimentally. It adopts the AVS3 video standard jointly formulated by Peking University, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Huawei and other units, and is the world's first live broadcast of major events on 8K ultra-high-definition TV channel. On February 11, the New Year's Eve, China Media Group will broadcast the Spring Festival Gala live through the 8K ultra-high-definition TV test channel.
  • January 21
    China Media Group issued the Technical Requirements for the Production and Broadcasting of 8K Ultra-High-Definition TV Programs of China Media Group (Interim), which stipulates that AVS3 shall be adopted for video coding standard.