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  • December 18
    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Radio and Television Administration jointly issued a document to test the full range of products of the AVS national standard.
  • November
    Comrade Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, leaders of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the National Radio and Television Administration and the National Press and Publication Administration visited the National Digital Home Application Demonstration Industrial Base in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, and made instructions and specific requirements for the development of digital TV and the industrialization and application of AVS.
  • September 17-19
    The AVS Workgroup held the 30th meeting in Wuxi City. AVS and Wuxi Industrial Park held the "Experience China -National Audio and Video Industry Cooperation and Development Forum and Audio-Visual Interconnection Development Seminar" on September 18. The Seminar aimed to explore the development of visual interconnection industry, attract more enterprises to participate in the formulation of AVS standards and industrialization development, and further promote the leapfrog development of China's digital audio and video industry from big to strong through special lectures, interactive exchanges, and product demonstrations, etc.
  • September
    CHBD held a press conference in Beijing with the theme of "Joint Innovation, Copyrighted HD", showing a new generation of Chinese Blue HD products that support the AVS independent audio and video standard and the independent copyright protection DKAA system.
  • July
    After more than 3 years of efforts, GB/T 20090.2 (AVS), ITU-T H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) and SMPTE VC-1 have been listed in the ITU Technical PaperHSTP-MCTBMedia coding toolbox for IPTV: Audio and videocodecs, becoming one of three international standards for video coding.
  • June
    The National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice of the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission on Organizing and Implementing the Digital TV R&D and Industrialization Special Project 2009, which clearly defined AVS as a standard that must be supported by the special focus, and listed: “ 1. ASIC for digital TV. Mainly including performance-optimized, low-cost, and low-power digital terrestrial TV channel coding chips, high-definition source coding chips that support AVS and DRA, and source-channel integrated coding chips. 4. Test instrumentation and others. Mainly including the digital TV high-definition encoder supporting AVS and DRA, the digital TV transcoder, test transmitter, digital terrestrial TV measurement system and production line test system, etc.”
  • June 3
    Guangzhou City and Peking University signed a contract in the National Digital Home Application Demonstration Industrial Base in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center to jointly build the Guangzhou Research, Development and Industrialization Center of the National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology, which means that the research and development of digital video coding technology with AVS as the core can be combined with the modern industrial system to accelerate the industrialization process by relying on the market and location advantages of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta region.
  • June 18-20
    The AVS Workgroup held its 29th meeting in Mianyang, Sichuan, which was hosted by Sichuan Changhong. The meeting discussed the technical requirements of backward compatible high-definition video coding, the technical requirements of 3D video applications and the performance test of AVS-P2 for mobile applications. Since the mobile grade has reached the Requirements for Mobile Media Applications, a comprehensive performance test will be carried out after the meeting.
  • April
    The State Council issued the National Plan for Adjustment and Revitalization of the Electronic Information Industry in 2009-2011, emphasizing "vigorously promoting the process of industrialization of standards including digital audio and video coding".
  • March 26-28,
    28th plenary meeting. With the completion of the drafting of the AVS-S standard for video surveillance and the start of the formulation of the second-generation AVS standard (AVS2), AVS has gone through an extraordinary road for seven years and opened a new chapter in its history. The most distinctive feature is the road of internationalization. The meeting announced the results of the AVS Award 2008: Huawei (Zheng Jianhua, Zheng Xiaozhen, Lai Changcai, Lin Yongbing, and Han Mingchen, etc.), Zhang Tao (Tianjin University), Huang Zhijie (Hangzhou Guoxin Technology Co., Ltd.) won the AVS awards this year.
  • February 26
    The National Development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of the "National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology"