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  • July
    The 53rd MPEG conference hosted by China was successfully held in Beijing. At this meeting, the fault-tolerant technology in scalable video coding of Microsoft China Research Institute was adopted by the MPEG4 international standard, which was the first technology to enter the MPEG series of international standards in China. In addition, the fast global motion estimation algorithm of Tsinghua University, the fast Sprite generation algorithm of Harbin Institute of Technology and the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have also entered the MPEG-4 international standard. These two algorithms are essential processing algorithms in MPEG-4 video code generation, their work efficiency will directly affect the video coding quality, and play an important role in the entire MPEG-4 video coding generation process. So far, a number of proposals of China have been accepted by the MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 standards, indicating that the research results of China's scientific research institutions in media processing, especially in the field of video compression, have a certain international competitiveness.