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  • Dec.
    AVS set-top box officially entered the families in Dalian.
  • Nov.
    China Netcom announced that promoting the AVS standard was one of its key tasks of technology innovation strategy.
  • Nov.
    The AVS standard was successfully run for the first time on a commercial IPTV end-to-end system. It has strengthened the determination of domestic enterprises to actively participate in the development of AVS-related products.
  • Sept. 21-23
    The 18th Meeting of AVS Workgroup was held in Beijing. A total of 52 proposals were received at the meeting, and 22 output documents were formed. The Recommended Regulations on AVS Patent Pool Management and Recommended Regulations on AVS Patent Pool Licensing were adopted and released.
  • Sept.
    Professor Gao Wen, leader of the AVS Workgroup, received a notice from the Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunications Union, confirming that AVS has officially become the liaison organization of ITU-T. AVS officially joined the ITU ITU-T, which means that the AVS standard has been selected into the ITU-T standard system, opening the door for the internationalization of AVS.
  • Sept.
    China Netcom announced the start of AVS-IPTV commercial test.
  • Aug.
    The AVS-IPTV Implementation System hosted by the Ministry of Information Industry realized interoperability, solved the problem of interoperability between IPTV central office and terminal at the source layer, and laid the foundation for constructing a healthy industrial chain.
  • June 7-9
    The 17th Meeting of AVS Workgroup was held in Huangshan City, Anhui Province. A total of 44 proposals were received, 18 output documents were formed, and the following resolutions were formed at the meeting: Set up the FG-IPTV task force to participate in the organization of ITU-T's IPTV standard formulation, and make AVS enter the ITU IPTV standard; set up the MPEG-C Proposal Workgroup to organize the members of the workgroup to make proposals to MPEG-C, so that AVS could enter MPEG-C.
  • April 24
    The China National Information Technology Standardization Committee organized the National Standard Draft Approval Committee of the Information Technology – Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 7: Mobile Video (AVS Mobile Video). The approval committee unanimously agreed that the AVS mobile video standard was technologically advanced and agreed to submit it for approval.
  • March 18
    At the closing ceremony of the 16th Meeting of AVS Workgroup, Sun Huifang and Gao Wen presented awards to the winners of the AVS Awards 2005. The winners included: AVS Contribution Award: Chen Jianwen, Miao Lei, and Wang Qiang; AVS Special Award: Ma Zhan, and Zhang Cixun.
  • March 1
    The AVS standard is officially implemented. As a source standard for audio and video coding compression, AVS is fundamental and independent, making it an important milestone in promoting China's digital audio and video industry from big to strong. The new-generation video and audio standards available worldwide form a three-pronged situation. The good news that AVS has become a national standard spread quickly. The leaders of the Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology and other ministries sent congratulatory letters and inscriptions to the AVS Workgroup, encouraging the workgroup to make persistent efforts by taking this as a new starting point and make another splendid achievement in the next work of standard formulation and industrialization. The workgroup has successively received congratulatory letters and inscriptions from Chen Zhili from State Councilor, Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qu Weizhi, Executive Deputy Director of the Information Office of the State Council, and Xu Guanhua, Minister of Science and Technology, Deng Nan, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of China Association for Science and Technology, Bai Chunli, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Hequan, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhou Liangluo, Head of Haidian District and other leaders.
  • March
    United Source Digital Audio and Video Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. officially released the AE 100S AVS encoder, which was the first encoder product based on the AVS standard. Since then, the AVS standard has had more user-friendly and more mature products and services.
  • Feb.
    The Standardization Administration of China officially promulgated the Information Technology – Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 2: Video (GB/T 20090.2-2006, referred to as AVS Standard).
  • Jan. 6
    The Ministry of Information Industry approved the part of AVS video, namely Information Technology - Advanced Coding of Audio and Video - Part 2: Video.